How I got to spend #2dayswithintrigue

I attended the #2dayswithintrigue workshop on February 23 & 24th and it was an AMAZING experience. I connected with young boss ladies like myself and got to listen and learn from THE talented and creative Sarah Campbell. This was a comprehensive workshop that covered topics such as marketing, branding, social media, getting published, pricing, styling, balancing business, PLUS we got to play with some flowers :-). We created tall & short centerpieces, floral chandeliers, bouquets, a floral wall, and the icing on the cake – a styled shoot by International Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer Natalie Franke.

How did I learn about the workshop? This was truly God at work and what I call “He gave me beauty for ashes.” So, grab a drink, sit back, and read along…

Last summer, I went through a really difficult soul searching experience that had me questioning my purpose here on earth. I was about to turn 30 and looked back at all my accomplishments and realized I did not feel that sense of fulfillment that comes from doing what you were created to do. Here I was married with a beautiful family, a job, great friends, with so many questions like, what exactly am I doing with my life? During this time, I struggled with fear, anxiety & depression and withdrew from social media. I focused on spending time with God – praying and strengthening my faith to get me through.

One beautiful day, a friend who had noticed I hadn’t frequented social media (yes, I was a daily-multiple times a day poster…haha), reached out to me and asked if I was ok. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a bubbly, easy going but private individual, however, something made me open up to her that day. She gave me some encouraging words and let me know she was praying for me.

Fast forward to November, I was in a much better emotional state and decided to invite my friend for lunch to thank her for reaching out to me. I proceeded to discuss my dream of being a floral & event designer with her. Bear in mind, this friend – Shile Bello of RAE Affairs, is an experienced wedding planner & coordinator, who is very knowledgeable of the wedding industry. She gave me so many awesome tips and advice including some florists and event designers to follow on Instagram. I took mental note of everything she said and wrote down a few points; we ate lunch, hugged, then left the restaurant. A few days later, Intrigue Designs & Decor posted the #2dayswithintrigue workshop on Instagram, and my very good friend, Shile tagged me! I did not think twice as I booked a seat for the workshop immediately.

Now, why did I take you through memory lane? To, hopefully, encourage you and let you know that God is AWESOME! Although, God doesn’t send the problems, He allows and uses them for a greater purpose. So if you are in a situation, hold your head up and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps, you aren’t going through a difficult situation at the moment, you can be a source of light to someone. When a friend or someone you know pops into your mind, reach out to him/her, because you never know whose life you will change. God certainly used my burdens to give me blessings, He ordered my steps to where I needed to be in my #destined30s and beyond. Attending this workshop re-energized and gave me the boost I needed to becoming a professional floral & event designer. Not only did I meet some amazing and talented ladies, I formed new friendships, gained new knowledge and experiences that I will apply on my journey as a floral & event designer. And my best is yet to come! :-)

Lastly, I cannot end this post without a heartfelt appreciation to my ever loving and supportive husband who has always believed in my creativity, even when I turned our dining table into my crafting station…LOL!

Thanks for reading! Now, check out the pictures from this awesome workshop and styled shoot :-)

We were greeted with a bagel bar and continental breakfast

Workstation w/ aprons for each attendee, cutting tools, & beautiful hydrangeas

Boxed lunches…it’s all about the details :-)

The construction of the tall centerpiece


Tada! :-)

STYLED SHOOT PHOTOS   View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More:

Styled Shoot Vendor Credits

Photographer: Natalie Franke Model: Zunera Serena Planner: Kari Rider Cake: Wild Flour Baking Rentals: Rentals to Remember Stationary & Calligraphy: Open Ink Stand Dress & Accessories: Enaura Bridal Makeup: Alison Harper & Company, LLC

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  1. Kimberly Glover says:

    Wow! Great post. I felt that in my heart :)

  2. Congrats Uche. I love the fact that you followed your inner muse and are happier at it. This is so beautiful. Keep rocking your world.

  3. Ogechukwu Egbujor says:

    Wow!Wow!!Wow!!!. Dear cousin,this is beautiful. Its good for one to follow her passions and dreams. U are doing so well.

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